Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just a few

lake ella picnics

birthday bash

spring break nap in asheville

banana pudding

best wedding date

my best friend: mrs. laporta


beach house bicycle rides

new friend & TOMS campus rep business

posted as my status today: angela is listening to christmas music. current favorite: 'little saint nick' by the beach boys.. pffft. let me grab those.

just had a social justice tea party on my bed w/ 3 wonderful ladies (kelly pastori, kaitlyn suveg, & amy derringer). we talked TOMS, invisible children, twloha, past and upcoming events, how to get T-Pain to 'rescue' us (preferably on a boat), rummage sales, and so on. i gave amy nearly $200 worth of clothing to sell at the invisible children rummage sale this thursday. huge weight lifted. like, i-can-breathe-easier-huge.

trust in providence. first.

Saturday, February 21, 2009