Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IC legacy tour: face to face.

this spring, for the very first time,
those who have inspired the Invisible Children films
will be going on the road.
they are coming to your city to meet you,
face to face.

watch the legacy tour intro video here.

you're gonna want to be there.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

bridal things for lindsay. part 4

all dresses from sarahseven's etsy shop.

this one is my favorite.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

it takes all i am to believe in the mercy that covers me.

Invisible Children won $1 MILLION from the Chase Bank competition. wow.
123,990 people voted and made it possible.

and TWLOHA won $100,000 to put toward their launch of IMAlive.
so awesome.
hoping to help fundraise or do whatever to see that happen.

this is a very exciting time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

bridal things for lindsay. part 3

wow, those bouquets. the butter & silver moss colors. the coconut cupcakes.

pennant flags. don't wear that dress, please.

hats. for guests if they need some shade.

watermelon. tin pails.

benches. wheelbarrow w/ drinks [!!]. dessert set-up.
those boots [gah.]. clothespins.


all those dang colors.

get comfy.


sweet. maybe for party or rehearsal.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bridal things for lindsay. part 2

sweet tea. lemonade. & great jars.

dessert options. mini servings. popsicles [!!!].

little hand-held fans for guests to combat june heat.

loving the bouquet of flowers in top row.

lemonade dispenser. pies.

band w/ banjo [!!!]. jars w/ straws. little jams.

oh. these signs.

flowers. leave the ceremony on a tandem bicycle? [!!!!]

desserts. colors.

simple. breezy. light.

oh hello.

the detail on the bottom of this dress is pulling at my heartstrings.

little frill. light. kinda sheer.

the yellows [!]. the food set-up.

the sandwiches.

Friday, January 15, 2010

bridal things for lindsay. part 1

linds, i luff you.
i've compiled a few (nearly 50) images of inspiration/ideas/details.
i've listed out the things that stood out to me the most.
[if need be, click images to enlarge]

part 1. here we go!

lemons. cotton candy [!!!]

flowers. birdcage veil. desserts [is that banana pudding??]

jcrew. 450$. pricey but casual & gorgeous.

loving the soft pink & yellow. flowers. [cotton candy again!]

wedding cake alternative: ice cream cones.

party favors- jams/honey. caramel apples. horseshoes.

blood oranges [!!!]. the garland decor on the round table.

wheat centerpieces. crocheted hearts & names [gahhhh].

wedding dress? bridesmaid dress? jcrew 225$.

love color & cut for a bridesmaid dress. jcrew 98$ [!!!]

mini picnic baskets. stop it.

favors- muffins.

those paper hanging things. no idea what they're called.

stop it. gorgeous.

favors/snacks at reception- boxes of cherries.

burlap covers.

love these colors.

colors. arrangement. assortment.

decor/potential favors.

this dress is so delicate.