Friday, January 15, 2010

bridal things for lindsay. part 1

linds, i luff you.
i've compiled a few (nearly 50) images of inspiration/ideas/details.
i've listed out the things that stood out to me the most.
[if need be, click images to enlarge]

part 1. here we go!

lemons. cotton candy [!!!]

flowers. birdcage veil. desserts [is that banana pudding??]

jcrew. 450$. pricey but casual & gorgeous.

loving the soft pink & yellow. flowers. [cotton candy again!]

wedding cake alternative: ice cream cones.

party favors- jams/honey. caramel apples. horseshoes.

blood oranges [!!!]. the garland decor on the round table.

wheat centerpieces. crocheted hearts & names [gahhhh].

wedding dress? bridesmaid dress? jcrew 225$.

love color & cut for a bridesmaid dress. jcrew 98$ [!!!]

mini picnic baskets. stop it.

favors- muffins.

those paper hanging things. no idea what they're called.

stop it. gorgeous.

favors/snacks at reception- boxes of cherries.

burlap covers.

love these colors.

colors. arrangement. assortment.

decor/potential favors.

this dress is so delicate.

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  1. uh can i get married again and you be my wedding planner?