Thursday, January 21, 2010

bridal things for lindsay. part 3

wow, those bouquets. the butter & silver moss colors. the coconut cupcakes.

pennant flags. don't wear that dress, please.

hats. for guests if they need some shade.

watermelon. tin pails.

benches. wheelbarrow w/ drinks [!!]. dessert set-up.
those boots [gah.]. clothespins.


all those dang colors.

get comfy.


sweet. maybe for party or rehearsal.


  1. that dress from posh girl vintage is pretty much exactly what i want.. im bummed that is has been sold. thank you. thank you

  2. i am such a fan of your blog. the colors in the first pic - to die for. and the blanket and pillows set up, just lovely. the hats, so presh. design*sponge, watch out here comes angela diange! ;)