Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the world is my community.

last night we partnered w/ Invisible Children and did a screening of "For Tomorrow" [the TOMS Shoes story], and "The Rescue" [the new IC film]. it was AWESOME. a really great crowd came out, James, a student from Uganda spoke, and we talked about our upcoming events.

before the TOMS film i did a brief intro. goofy, enthusiastic, intense, eager... i was me. and i think that's ok. i think it's ok for my personality and character to be presented in those situations if i want to be personal and approachable and genuine.

i believe in the TOMS mission.
i believe in a One for One business model.
and i believe we should help because we can.

the IC film followed. powerful. passionate. spirited. stirring.
post-screening ultimatehangout2k9 w/ the IC ladies and the IC roadies [gabe, clara, jenna, and zack]. good bunch.

we are quickly approaching our SYS event.
ahhhhh I AM SO EXCITED! next thursday!
still so much to do!
i am so thankful for this opportunity.

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