Wednesday, October 28, 2009

back in SD

back in SD. we'll take it.
was driving on I-5 my first morning back.
windows down. music loud.
just. felt. so. right.
right now, right here. this is where i'm supposed to be.
lord, please help me to live in this moment.

first day back in the office.
asked to step in as
assistant office manager.
done and done.

was looking forward to having a somewhat regular schedule w/ everyday activities, responsibilities, etc. first day was pretty rough. we handled way too many TRI donation cancellations. such a bummout. working phones, responding to emails, greeting visitors and volunteers, trying to figure out kintera and the email system.

attended the all-staff meeting which was so encouraging. we have incredible donors. this is what monday looked like: 40k received in the mail. anonymous 10k donated at a screening. 29k in checks received for the S4S program. and an unexpected 70k check received in the mail.
He reigns.

tuesdays are volunteer night so 70 kids came in the office and we all entered arrest warrant data for 3 hours. also mandatory for staff.

last night i saw land of talk. at the casbah. by myself. such a small venue. 200 capacity. a dive for sure. good night. great show. would have welcomed company though.

tonight is the intern appreciation dinner at our house. spaghetti and pumpkin carving w/ 35ppl. followed by last night's sytycd. i'm slacking, don't judge me.

if i have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, i am nothing.


  1. keep em coming. i like knowing how life is in the far away land you flew away to.

  2. Miss you Angela! Im so happy for you!! :-)