Friday, April 2, 2010

at 6pm on tuesday, things got a little bit crazy...

here is the super short version-

got a call, packed my bags, hopped on a flight.
currently in east hampton w/ my family.
but in 4 days....
i'm going on the road w/ invisible children [!!!].
i'll be joining the new england team.
touring DC & NYC for the month of april.
back to san diego til may 13th.
home til may 28th.
in lindsay's wedding on june 4th.
driving X-country w/ brandon palma to san diego [!!!] on june 5th.
spending summer in san diego as the movement intern.

it happened very fast, as per usual.
sooooo stoked.

i am still learning. just from the road.
Lord help.

DC & NYC for a month. get hip to it.

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